Sam Wilson

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September 3rd, 2019

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Sam Wilson is an Auror who has basically been on “desk duty” since this partner Riley was killed by a dark wizard a couple of years previously. Before becoming an Auror, Sam spent six years post-wizard school at Northwestern University getting an undergraduate and Master’s degree in psychology. He did this because his mother, a psychiatrist and a muggle, did not really understand wizarding education and though it would be better for him if he had something to fall back on if his magic tricks didn’t work out.

As a result of his education, after Riley’s death, Sam organised a support group for other wizards and ministry workers who are coping with job-related losses, as a way of managing his own feelings.

More recently, because of his background, he’s been approached by Natasha Romanoff to help her understand and help what’s left of Bucky Barnes.

In school, Sam Wilson was like, THE Quidditch star. Everyone expected him to go on to play professionally because he just seemed like an obvious natural at the sport. But his commitment to wanting to make the world a better place took him down another path. That said, he’s basically a whole new kind of magic when he’s on a broomstick